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Discover our recipes

  1. Vegetarian salad with lentils, roasted nectarines and flaxseed

    Vegetarian salad with lentils, roasted nectarines and flaxseed

    Salads... an essential part of the summer. Refreshing, light and quick! What more could you ask for? Check out our delicious summer lentil recipe with a Greek twist! Both extremely quick and packed full of flavour, this salad features lentils, fresh nectarines, feta and a honey vinaigrette! Take advantage of all the health benefits of the flaxseed by grinding with our Naka mill just before serving and then sprinkle over the salad! A balanced and wholesome salad!

  2. Chocolate and pepper tart

    Chocolate and pepper tart

    This classic looking tart features a golden-brown shortcrust pastry base with a generous chocolate ganache filling, but comes with a slight twist, namely pepper! Another good idea is to add some coarsely ground pepper just before serving with some high-quality salt to elevate the flavour of the chocolate and temper its full and indulgent taste in the mouth. This recipe brings a somewhat unusual twist to this simple, yet effective classic with its smooth yet robust taste.