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Why is a Pepper Grinder so Important?

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Have you ever stared at a recipe, puzzled over the terms cracked vs. ground pepper? If you have, you’re not alone. Let Peugeot Saveurs walk you step-by-step through the process for the ultimate in pepper flavor!

The Optimal Way to Eat Pepper

With a savoir-faire dating back to the 19th century, Peugeot was the first company to invent the pepper mill in 1874. Earlier versions of the pepper mill had, up until that time, relied on a mortar and pestle design. However, with its patented grinding mechanism, Peugeot engineered a burr mechanism with two different sized grooves, the first for channeling and the second for grinding. By turning the mechanism in a clockwise direction, the channeling grooves line up the peppercorns and crack them, while the smaller and sharper grinding grooves mill the peppercorns down uniformly to the selected fineness or coarseness of your choice.

So why does freshly cracked pepper taste better than pre-ground pepper that has been sitting in a peppershaker for weeks? The secret lies in the act of cracking the peppercorns first, which allows their natural oils to be released for a more intense flavor. However, once pepper is ground, it has a tendency to quickly lose its gustative qualities. That is why we recommend that you buy whole peppercorns and grind them at the last minute with a Peugeot pepper mill. Functional and refined, electric or manual, they are available in a variety of different materials: wood, stainless steel, cast iron or acrylic.

Peugeot Pepper Mills, Tradition and Innovation

The unquestionable reference for famous chefs and gourmet restaurants, Peugeot’s emblematic pepper mill, with a lifetime guarantee on the mechanism, is offered in a variety of exclusive sizes, colors and materials to enhance the diversity and intensity of pepper’s fantastic flavor.

Why is a Pepper Grinder so Important? - Peugeot Saveurs

Exceptional items synonymous with quality and longevity, Peugeot pepper mills, whether manual or electric, captivate audiences with their clean and elegant design, their robust and indestructible material, their wide range of shapes and colors as well as their innovative case-hardened steel mechanisms, which come with a lifetime guarantee. Reliable and precise, Peugeot pepper mills are easy to use and achieve incomparable results. 

Whether you opt for Peugeot’s wooden pepper mills, electric pepper mills, vintage pepper mills or Nature Range pepper mills, your dishes will become olfactory oeuvres and the distinct and delicate seasoning of your cuisine will be certain to dazzle your dinner guests’ taste buds.

Peugeot Pepper, a Whole World To Discover

Since cooking is, first and foremost, an adventure, Peugeot has selected an exclusive collection of high-quality pepper hailing from the four corners of the globe.

Each Peugeot peppercorn is rigorously selected for its unprecedented and subtle flavors, its powerful aromatic profile, its traditional harvesting style and the exceptional quality of its pepper berries, which once milled in a Peugeot pepper mill, provide a grind with a rare delicate intensity.

Whether you prefer the more traditional flavor of black pepper, the subtle delicacy of white pepper, the high-intensity kick of red pepper or the exotic and aromatic taste of Cambodian Kampot pepper, Peugeot Saveurs has exactly the pepper you need to brighten up your dishes.

Why is a Pepper Grinder so Important? - Peugeot Saveurs