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How to easily open a bottle of wine?

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Tonight, you’re having a few guests over for dinner, wine connoisseurs no less. For the occasion, you decide to bring out one of your finest vintages. With everyone at the table, you might be feeling what we have all felt at one time or another – your stress levels are rising, as all eyes fix on your hands and the bottle. They’re religiously waiting for that « pop!” … And you hear that all-important sound. You’re safe. But, in the few seconds leading up to that moment, many of us dream of easily uncorking a bottle of wine like a professional, with zero stress.

Well, this dream can come true. Elegant, clever, precise and practical, Peugeot corkscrews allow anyone to effortlessly open a bottle of wine in just a few seconds. Our range of designs meet all possible needs – single pull corkscrews (also known as the waiter’s friend), lever corkscrews, or even electric corkscrews.

Whether you’re with family or friends, don’t waste any more time before tasting your wine, whether red, rosé, or white. Impress your guests by uncorking any bottle easily and calmly.

Which corkscrew should you choose to open a bottle of wine easily?

Remaining loyal to the French art of living, Peugeot draws on our unique savoir-faire in designing durable, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing corkscrews. The brand offers a range of corkscrew designs to easily open wine bottles, so you can choose depending on your preferred technique and personal taste.

Sommelier's corkscrews, for purists of traditional technique

The Peugeot waiter’s friend is the ideal wine accessory for those who wish to stay faithful to the classic sommelier technique. Compact and lightweight, the Clavelin corkscrew can be easily slipped in your pocket, and the handle is perfectly ergonomic to hold and operate. After using the built-in foil cutter to remove the capsule, you can screw the worm into the center of the cork, then remove it using the lever in one smooth motion. Pop, that’s it! It’s child’s play.

To find out more, discover how to use a waiter’s friend.

Lever corkscrews, for those with no time to lose

The lever corkscrews offered by Peugeot, like the Baltaz, are a refined accessory, featuring two handles to keep wine bottles firmly in place. To remove the cork, nothing could be more simple, thanks to the clever mechanism that fits all bottle necks. The corkscrew features dual rotation axes, meaning you just have to lift the lever to one side to push the screw into the cork, then tip it to the other side to gently remove the cork. All that’s left to do is taste the wine!

Electric corkscrews, for lovers of both wine and precision

Our electric designs, like the Elis Touch and Elis Reverse (available in black and natural wood), are the perfect companions for all technophile wine-lovers.

All that the Elis Touch and Elis Reverse require to open a bottle of wine is a long press of a button – zero effort needed. An ingenious, fully automated system uncorks the bottle and ejects the cork, meaning there’s no risk of the cork breaking or crumbling. In only ten seconds – we’ve timed it – you can pour the wine.