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What wine accessories should you give to a wine lover?

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Do you have a friend or family member who loves wine and is celebrating a special occasion? Are you looking for a gift idea to mark the event?

Look no further – here are our suggestions for gifts from the world of Peugeot wine accessories.

With these items, oenophiles can fully enjoy wine tastings and experience the French art of living.

Peugeot corkscrews: a smooth movement and a sleek design

A corkscrew is a must-have for any wine tasting, and Peugeot has a wide range of stylish corkscrews with perfectly balanced shapes, blending durability and technology.

They can open any kind of bottle and remove any cork.

Whether classic or synthetic, you can easily perform the iconic sommelier’s motion in opening a bottle of wine.

Wooden corkscrews

For fans of traditional and natural designs, take a look at our collection of wooden corkscrews, made from beech or walnut wood from PEFC-certified forests in France.

These are tools designed from classic, noble woods and presented in a sumptuous case, like the Barrel, Vigne or Elis Reverse.


Lever corkscrews

To smoothly open a wine bottle, choose a lever corkscrew. Elegant and easy to use, this kind of corkscrew allows you to uncork bottles of wine simply and effortlessly.

Screwpull corkscrews

Discover our screwpull corkscrews, which can quickly remove any kind of cork with ease. They have another type of mechanism and a different design, but are just as efficient as lever corkscrews.

Check out our range of stylish models in various materials, including wood, metal and ABS plastic.

Twin-prong cork pullers

Finally, for the oldest vintages, we would advise you to choose a twin-prong cork puller, inspired by 19th century models, to remove corks without piercing them or causing them to crumble.

Unite technology and tradition with the Peugeot electric corkscrew

Feel like shaking up tradition and adding a touch of tech to this classic item? The electric corkscrew is perfect for you. To uncork all bottles of wine easily and effortlessly, simply press it down on the bottle. It has rechargeable batteries and a light to indicate the level of charge.

It comes with an ingenious foil cutter that can be used to easily remove the capsule from the bottle.

This aesthetically pleasing tool with a modern design comes in stainless steel and wood.

Sommelier corkscrews

As for sommelier corkscrews, they bring authenticity and functionality in reproducing the sommelier’s iconic movement with elegance. Working just as well for amateurs as for the more seasoned among us, the Clavelin model has a patented system, including a foil cutter and bottle opener.

Peugeot wine glasses: for exceptional tastings

Tasting wine should always be a pleasure, which is why Peugeot wine tasting glasses are the perfect gift for your oenophile friends and family to experience moments of pure delight. Designed to enhance the sensory characteristics of wine, they highlight the colour, aromas and flavours of your best bottles.

Whether you choose a set of glasses for white wine or red wine, large glasses or designer glasses, they will enhance grand crus and emphasize their strong points.

Peugeot carafes: because the container matters

Those who love the French art of living will certainly appreciate the excellence and elegance of a carafe to aerate a young wine or decant a mature one. Our range includes models that have been specially designed for white wine, red wine, young wine, and mature wine.

This refined piece goes perfectly with Peugeot glasses for exceptional tastings.

Peugeot accessories and gift boxes: the sommelier's essentials

With the aim of constantly offering wine lovers a better tasting experience, Peugeot has designed a range of stylish and ingenious wine accessories and gift boxes. From the Clef du Vin to determine the ageing potential of a wine, to the non-drip wine pourer, the bottle-holder and pourer, the cooling sleeve and the wine pump to remove air from a wine bottle, we have many gift ideas to create the perfect sommelier’s arsenal.

Whisky, champagne and beer glasses: bring out the aromas of your favourite drinks

Lovers of other alcohols, Peugeot has not forgotten about you – check out our gift ideas featuring spirits. Among our range of tasting glasses, we have whisky glasses, which also come with a chilling base in the Les Impitoyables set, as well as champagne glasses and beer tasting glasses.

One thing is sure, if you are in search of a gift that is certain to please a wine connoisseur or a lover of spirits and brandy, you will now have plenty of ideas.