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3 Glass Jars for Maestro Pepper Mill


This pack of three empty screw-on glass jars is designed for Peugeot's Maestro pepper mill. The jars are ready for filling with any pepper you choose and we would encourage you to be adventurous in your discovery of new varieties. A marker pen is also included so you can easily label each jar and quickly identify the contents.

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Maestro 2 - Peugeot Saveurs

Expand your pepper collection

Once filled with your favourite pepper variety, the jars can simply screw onto Peugeot's Maestro pepper mill for efficient grinding. One pepper variety can easily be swapped for another, which adds a fun, interactive side to the process of discovering the full extent of their flavour potential. Share the unique experiences with other foodies and be bold enough to introduce new, lesser-known varieties to the table that will surprise your senses. A marker pen is included in the gift box for easy labeling and can be removed effectively in the dishwasher.