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The Secret to Grilling is all in the Seasoning

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Spring is in full swing. And you know what that means right? Time to take out the barbeque from the back of the garage, dust it off and fire it up because it’s grilling season!
Today, more and more people choose to grill all year long and especially, during the summer months. And you name it, you can grill it. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know how or when to season your food during the grilling process. If in doubt, you have come to the right place for all seasoning-specific instructions and needs. Let Peugeot be your guide in your quest for perfectly seasoned, grilled food.

Salt: The Foundation of All Flavor

According to chefs, there are only three ingredients needed for a perfectly grilled steak: beef, salt and fire. Salt is the foundation of all flavor and is considered to be the most important ingredient when it comes to steak. Since using premium ingredients is also of the utmost importance, Peugeot has a whole range of salt mills and salts to regale your taste buds at the next cookout.
Sea salt is the go-to for chefs rather than iodized table salt when it comes to cooking steaks, just make sure you season your steaks at least one hour before grill time. If not, the seasoning will only pull moisture out of the steak and prevent the outside from getting those beautiful grill marks and char.

Pepper: For that Extra Punch

Pepper also packs a punch when it comes to seasoning food for the grill. Whether you prefer the citrus notes of Timut pepper or the vibrant minty notes of Kampot pepper, Peugeot has the pepper and BBQ pepper mill to turn your piece of meat, seafood, or vegetables into a stunning showstopper.

Feeling a bit more daring and want to really ratchet up the flavor of your food? With a line of spice mills specifically designed to highlight the flavor of individual spices, you will be able to explore the four corners of the globe through the aromas and fragrances of Peugeot spices. Black pepper from Vietnam, red pepper from Malawi, or nutmeg from Indonesia, elegant and refined, used alone or mixed together to create your own signature dry rub for barbecuing or steak seasoning, they will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests’ taste buds.

Presentation is Key

You have grilled your steak, vegetables, and sausages, but now you need to put them somewhere safe to rest while everyone prepares to sit down for the feast at hand. With its ceramic bakeware line, Peugeot once again puts its flavor savoir-faire and expertise to good use. With exceptional thermal resistance, Peugeot’s bakeware line conserves heat for up to 30 minutes. Modern and refined, it offers a range of colors and shapes for all tastes and appetites: essential classics like ecru and red or contemporary styles like slate and midnight blue are available in rectangular, round, or square designs.

Now it’s Your Turn!

Chefs don’t often agree, but this time, the results are unanimous. Food should be seasoned before it hits the grill. However, depending on what you are cooking, the wait time can differ. Steaks need at least one hour so the seasoning has time to fully penetrate the meat. With seafood and vegetables, you can season them right before grilling.

With this knowledge in hand, you can relax and take it easy this summer around the grill. Impress your friends and family with your savory steaks, perfectly seasoned seafood, and aromatic vegetables. They will want to know your secret, but (wink, wink) no one says you have to tell them!

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