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What College Students Need In Their Kitchens

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If you have a loved one heading to university, you already know that there is a laundry list of items they’ll need to live comfortably. However, shopping for kitchen essentials for a dorm room can prove challenging, given the limited amount of storage space. But have no fear! Peugeot has chic and affordable petite items and healthy recipe inspiration for university students to thrive in their new cooking and living spaces.

Salt and Pepper Mills

Experts will time and again express that well-seasoned food is key to starting and upkeeping a healthy lifestyle – and we agree! Everyone deserves food that is not only nourishing but tastes great as well. At Peugeot, we encourage everyone have a quality salt and pepper grinder to season their food anytime, anywhere; which is why our Petite Bistro Mills are perfect for students heading to university. Not only are these mills compact, sitting at a humble 4-inches in height, but they come in a variety of colors to match nearly any décor style or school colors. These affordable yet durable wood mills (only $35 each) come with a lifetime mechanism guarantee and a 5-year warranty for the mill, making them the perfect addition to any dorm room or student apartment.

For students looking for a healthy recipe to make in their university home, that includes lots of spices, we suggest trying our Mediterranean Gratin recipe! Using a few basic ingredients, spices, and fresh vegetables, this dish is easy to throw together and perfect for a light lunch, dinner, or side dish any day of the week.

Ceramic Dishes for Cooking and Serving

Understanding that storage space is one of the primary challenges when living in university housing, or apartments, Peugeot has designed stackable ceramic bakeware that is ideal for small living quarters. Peugeot’s ceramic square bakers come in a variety of sizes – anywhere from 7square-inches to 16square-inches (party time?) – which are ideal for small quarters. Not only is the dishware small enough to cook within a traditional oven, toaster oven, or air fryer, but is also dishwasher safe and stackable, to maximize limited storage space. In addition to all of the great user-friendly qualities, Peugeot’s ceramic dishes come in a variety of eye-catching colors, including saffron yellow, which was introduced in 2022.

For students looking for recipe inspiration and the opportunity to use their ceramic bakeware, we have a few suggestions! One of our favorite meals is our Mexican-style chicken. This flavor-forward dish is easy, nutritious, and uses simple, but flavorful ingredients. Mexican-style chicken is perfect for lunch or dinner and is a great base for next-day tacos or burritos (pending if there are any leftovers!). However, Peugeot’s ceramic bakeware isn’t just for lunch or dinner, as we love to start the day with our easy baked eggs with asparagus and parmesan recipe. This recipe has everything – protein, veggies, and sharp cheese; and is easy to whip together, even when in a hurry – a perfect start to the day!

Healthy Toppings

As we noted above, seasoning is so important when establishing good habits in university and beyond. For those looking for a way to incorporate more healthy seasonings and toppings into their daily routines, Peugeot has two great flaxseed mills – Naka and Isen – to grind fresh flaxseed onto foods. Both the Naka and Isen mills are petite in size, feature minimalist wooden bodies, and come with a serving spoon and pipe cleaner to make meal prep and clean-up as simple as possible.

Students can start incorporating flaxseed into their daily routines by freshly grinding the seeds over smoothies, soups, or salads. However, our personal favorite is including flaxseed in our morning oatmeal. Our favorite oatmeal recipe can be found, here, and can be revised to include your favorite fruits and toppings.

Caffeine Companion

Few things beat a freshly brewed cup of coffee – the smell, the taste, the process – it ignites all of the seasons in the best way possible. So, for students working during the wee hours of the night or waking up for an early morning class, the Peugeot 2-in1 French Press is the ideal coffee maker for any university dorm room or apartment. The 2-in-1 French press is seamless – simply grind your favorite coffee beans right into the press cylinder, add hot water, wait a few minutes, and press down on the knob to slowly release the perfect cup o’ joe. This press takes up little space and is also great on-the-go! Whether you need a caffeine boost during an early morning tailgate gathering, a lift during a camping trip, or simply want the ability to make coffee from nearly anywhere, the 2-in-1 French press is ideal for coffee lovers.

If you have a favorite university dorm room or small apartment kitchen tools you can’t live without, we’d love to hear about them! Please continue to share your ideas and favorite Peugeot tools with us on our social media pages – find us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!