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Kampot Bio
3 x 20g Sachets of Cambodian Organic Black Pepper

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Kampot Bio 2 - Peugeot Saveurs

Organic pepper with sweet floral notes

The Kampot region in southwest Cambodia is bordered by the sea and has been recognised as an area PGI designation (protected geographical indication). This Kampot black pepper is grown on a traditional farm with certified organic and fair trade status and delivers a surprisingly fresh taste sweet floral notes. It is the perfect accompaniment for red meat, oily fish, vegetables, legumes, certain fruits (strawberries and cherries) and chocolate-based desserts.

- For Peugeot pepper mills
- Intensity 8

Packaged in airtight sachets to keep the pepper in tip-top condition
- Easy filling
- Triple protection against air, light and moisture
- Lower environmental footprint
- Locks in the aromas