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A pepper discovery journey
Now boarding

a world of unexpected riches

People often think of pepper as a condiment that delivers an intense burst of heat in the mouth, but pepper actually has some incredible surprises in store for the taste buds.

Pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant, a vine that produces clusters of small peppercorns after flowering. The maturity of the peppercorns and the care given to those peppercorns after harvesting determine the different colors and aromas of the pepper.

Just like origin coffees and vintage wines, the different soil types, climates and expertise are conducive to creating an infinitely rich palette of aromas. The greatest peppers are capable of developing a range of complex and heady aromas, including woody, floral, fruity (citrus, red berries and candied fruits) and mentholated. These are just some of the notes that are waiting to be discovered with Maestro!

Pepper for cooking

Pepper's aromas are volatile and disperse extremely quickly after grinding. To take full advantage of the pepper's flavors, the best time to grind is at the very last moment before sampling the dish or just before serving.

Maestro: the inevitable encounter
between pepper and Peugeot

For over 210 years, Peugeot has been crafting, designing and manufacturing everyday items with the ambition of simplifying daily life and expressing flavors to their full potential.

Today, Peugeot is driving back the boundaries and harnessing its precision engineering expertise to unleash pepper's extraordinary aromas with the Maestro concept.

Peugeot has designed the perfect instrument for discovering pepper. This French-made mill features interchangeable compartments combined with a selection of premium peppers imbued with extraordinary aromas. Maestro is Peugeot's open invitation to embark on a unique and instant journey through the world of pepper.


Experience by Peugeot

Maestro is the ideal opportunity for a shared tasting and discovery experience that showcases the full flavors and aromas of pepper.

Peugeot is giving you the keys to unlock pepper's full flavor while challenging you to try some of the most daring dish/pepper combinations.


Discuss, test, embrace the unexpected and treat your taste buds to a surprising experience!


How do you play with pepper?

Practice makes perfect... discover the wide range of peppers using extremely simple dishes, such as pan-fried meat, oysters or goat's cheese. Try three different peppers with each dish. With red meat, use Kampot black pepper, followed by Kampot red pepper, and finally the Meat Blend.

Experiment and then discover the most classic or daring combinations, including Sikara white pepper on a delicate fillet of fish and Voatsiperifery wild pepper on a chocolate dessert, and lastly follow our chefs' subtle creations.

Who is this experience for?

Flavor-loving fine-dining fans can take their meals to the next level with subtle combinations, while novices can create a surprise by bringing a new dimension to the simplest dishes.

A Collection of Six Premium Pepper Varieties

After exploring this rich world, Peugeot has carefully selected an exclusive collection of six Premium Peppers with extraordinary aromas and an exceptionally fresh taste.

Black pepper, white pepper, red pepper, wild pepper, pepper blend... the Peugeot Premium selection delivers a surprise with its intense, delicate and subtle notes.

Kampot Black Pepper

The exceptional Kampot area in southern Cambodia, combined with a stringent set of specifications and leading expertise, has rightfully given Kampot black pepper its world-renowned status. A black pepper with fruity, mentholated, indulgent and suave notes.

Sikara Pepper

This white pepper is the heart of the peppercorn and is harvested when fully ripe and then soaked in fresh water. Sikara elicits superbly fresh, vegetable and floral notes.

Kampot Red Pepper

Red pepper is Kampot's pride and joy. This pepper is meticulously harvested, peppercorn by peppercorn. Only fully ripe peppercorns are used to produce a fruity and indulgent red pepper that leaves an exceptionally long-lasting taste in the mouth.

Voatsiperifery Pepper

This variety of pepper grows wild in the south of Madagascar on vines that can reach up to 100 ft in height, meaning that picking them is a tricky exercise. This pepper offers heady, woody, floral and fruity notes without an overly hot taste.

Fresh Blend

This highly fragrant blend features white pepper and spices. Offering a highly fresh taste and moderately powerful flavor, this blend offers fresh and indulgent vegetable notes. For fish, seafood, salads and vegetables.

Red Meat Blend

This powerful, aromatic and perfectly balanced blend not only has plenty of character, but also adds extra flavor and depth to red meat. It is the perfect accompaniment to oily fish, red cabbage, lentils and legumes.

The pepper temptation will prove to be simply irresistible!

When the cheffing and pepper worlds collide

Chefs are the best ambassadors when it comes to expressing flavors to their full potential.

Drawing their inspiration from Peugeot's Premium selection of peppers and convinced at the idea of opening up new tasting horizons, six world-renowned chefs have tapped into their creativity to highlight Peugeot's peppers in exclusive recipes.

Six peppers, six chefs and twelve original recipes for an original journey to discover new experiences for the taste buds.


Peugeot has harnessed its precision engineering skills to enhance the unique sensory and gourmet experience. To make it easier to select the required grind size, Peugeot has equipped its Pepper Bar with the patented u'Select grind adjustment system.

Fun and intuitive

With a quick twist, the mill can switch from one pepper variety to another.

Peugeot's Maestro is both fun and intuitive. To explore new flavors, simply unscrew the compartment beneath the mill and replace it with another compartment filled with the pepper of your choosing.

Preservation of aromas

Peugeot's peppers are packed in airtight sachets to ensure easy filling, keep the condiments in tip top condition and lock in their fresh taste and precious aromas for even longer.

An open invitation for experimentation

Maestro - Pepper Bar

  • Gift Set
  • Maestro Mill
  • 3 Premium Pepper Varieties
  • 3 Glass Jars
  • 1 Erasable Pen

Maestro Mill

Pepper Mill only

Peugeot Spice Selection

  • 6 Premium Pepper Varieties
  • Sachets = Triple protection from air / light / humidity
  • Preserving all Aromas

Maestro Empty Jars

Pepper Glass Jars