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Sichuan Peppercorns
Sichuan peppercorns 27 g - 0.95 oz.

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Stunning aromatic red peppercorns

These peppercorns come from China and have been renowned for their flavour since ancient times. Sichuan red peppercorns feature a powerful and highly aromatic flavour. Their flowery citrus notes (orange peel and bergamot) are a match made in heaven with savoury dishes, including duck, fish, pork and chicken. Sichuan pepper is also the ideal accompaniment for sweet courses, such as chocolate desserts and salads containing citrus fruits, apricots and melon. Grind the pepper at the very last moment in the Peugeot steel pepper mechanism (with a fine grind setting) to avoid cooking the pepper, which tends to develop a bitter taste. Sichuan red peppercorns can also be infused.