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Three Reasons why you Need to buy Whole Spices

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At Peugeot Saveurs, we’re obsessed with spices. In fact, we built a global business around peppercorns with our iconic Pepper Mills, but our love for spices reaches far beyond pepper, as fresh spices are essential when cooking and baking. From freshly ground cinnamon and nutmeg, to salt and pepper, to flaxseed and red pepper – there’s no substitute for freshly ground spices.

Did you know, spices have their freshest and most robust taste right after they are ground? So, keeping whole spices on-hand can help produce the most flavorful dishes; but flavor isn’t the only benefit to having whole spices in the kitchen, other perks include:

  • Longevity: Whole spices last longer than pre-ground spices, which means fewer trips to the grocery store when cooking a meal. However, don’t forget to store whole spices in a cool dark place, and if possible, in an airtight jar for optimal preservation. And try to avoid storing spices near or above a stovetop or refrigerator, as the heat can compromise the lifetime of your spices.
  • Eco-friendly: By purchasing spices in bulk and grinding at home, you’re also reducing your eco footprint, as you only use what you need, and are helping prevent food waste. In addition, you can store your ground spices (if you have some leftover) in reusable jars, helping minimize throwing away single-use plastic jars of pre-ground spices.
  • Outside The Box Flavors: We know cooking and baking with fresh spices bring next-level flavor to your dishes, but you can also think outside the box when using your spices. For example, you can give your hot beverages a kick with fresh cinnamon or cloves or add cardamom or nutmeg to your rice while it’s cooking to give added flavor to your favorite meals. We love spicing rice to give our homemade curry an added punch of flavor, and freshly ground cinnamon sticks and red pepper to our Aztec hot chocolate for an authentic, flavorful treat.

For those looking to start building their whole spice collection and experimenting with flavors, Peugeot Saveurs has a variety of salts, peppers, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks for them to become acclimated with. You can view Peugeot’s entire spice collection, here, and some of our favorite recipes and tips, here.

However, once you’ve made the transition to grinding your spices at home, it’s important that you have the right tools to crack, grind and mill your spices properly – and that’s where Peugeot Saveurs comes in.

Allow us to properly introduce ourselves… We are Peugeot Saveurs – a 210 year old company known for its iconic peppermills and kitchenware for daily life  – specializes in spice mills. In fact, in March 2021 Peugeot’s Paris u’Select Pepper Mill was named the best Pepper Mill in the world by the New York Times, as well as Good Housekeeping, Business Insider, Saveur Mag, and more. It’s a classic tool and undisputed benchmark for the world’s greatest chefs and lovers of food alike, as the mill combines classical form and innovation with its patented u’Select grind control system. But Peugeot’s mills don’t start and stop with pepper, Peugeot also has Salt Mills, Spice Mills (cinnamon, nutmeg mills),  Flaxseed Mills, and Coffee Mills. Peugeot’s mills are available in manual and electric formats for ease of use.